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» Mastering Sales Objections by Bob Cooper
Automotive Service Writer Training
Mastering Sales Objections by Bob Cooper
Downloadable Audio Sales Course

Automotive Service Writer Training to Help You Overcome Sales Objections

“Coming from Elite, I expected this download to be good. I have to tell you it exceeded all my expectations! 'Mastering Sales Objections' should be mandatory listening for every service advisor in our industry.”           - John Williams, Service Director, Sterling McCall Toyota - Houston, TX - One of the Nation's Top Toyota Dealerships.

Within minutes you can now start turning the toughest sales objections into profitable sales, in the most professional and ethical way. This service writer training course is perfect for any service writer, regardless of their age, experience or level of training and is unlike any other the industry has to offer.

Recorded live at Bob Cooper’s High Impact automotive service writer training seminar, Mastering Sales Objections will pay for itself the very first day. Bob has owned and operated some of the most successful shops in America, and has presented sales seminars to thousands of independents & world-class dealerships, so you can rest assured that this course will deliver results. During this course, Bob shares his best-kept secrets for dealing with the price negotiators, and will help you handle the industry's most difficult sales objections like a seasoned pro!

At only $9.95, you’ll receive a tenfold return on your investment with the very first sales objection you skillfully handle.  So before you lose one more should-be sale, download this service writer training program for your auto repair business now!

For additional help increasing your sales and CSI scores, learn more about our Elite Masters Service Advisor Training Course.


        Product Benefits:

  • Handle objections in the most professional & ethical way
  • Turn the toughest objections into profitable sales
  • Increase sales and CSI scores
  • Listen to an Audio Sample
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Only $9.95
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100 Percent
“I have exposed to a lot of sales content, but none has been as ‘on the money’ as this.”
- John Blaine, Community Car Care – Countryside, IL
"This course covers areas of selling and probes deeper than any other I've been exposed to. I appreciate your continual emphasis on ethics and honesty!"
- Kent Hein, Director of Wholesale Automotive Services - ConocoPhillips Company
"Could not have been more informative. I have been to a lot of seminars with Toyota over 23 years and have never heard more powerful sales content than what's shared in this course."
- Rob Chapman ASM, South Bay Toyota - Gardena, CA
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Only $9.95
  • Program Length: 55 Mins
  • Avg Download Time: Under 5 Mins
  • MP3 Format

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