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auto repair coaching

Elite Coaching Program

The industry acclaimed Elite Coaching Program offers one-on-one coaching from the top shop owners in America.  Regardless of the issues your shop is facing, your customized action plan and the shop-specific guidance from your personal business coach will help you skyrocket your sales, car counts, productivity and profits...
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Elite Pro Service 20 Groups

Elite Pro Service

Elite Pro Service delivers a level of coaching, consulting and extensive support that is unmatched by any traditional aftermarket 20 groups. The successful shop owners of today realize that in this new competitive era they need professionals that they can turn to for input, they need access to Key Performance Indicators, they need industry information that is leading edge and they need personal accountability. While in the past shop owners have typically turned to 20 groups to acquire these building blocks, Elite Pro Service now offers support from the industry's top experts, along with 90 of the top shop owners in the country...
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Fly with the Eagles II

The Most Powerful Business Building Seminar Series on Earth!
Sep 23 - 26
This AMI-accredited auto repair management course has one objective: to help you create a more profitable, successful business. This course will help you turn existing employees into self-motivated superstars, fill your bays with the right kind of customers...
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There is no question that putting together a team of high-caliber employees is critical to the success of your auto repair business. You can have the industry’s best goals, business plan and marketing strategy in place, but none of that matters if you don’t have people working with you who can produce on a consistent basis...
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It’s surprising just how many shop owners are lost when it comes to knowing and understanding “the numbers”. Without a clear understanding of the important benchmarks, it becomes quite challenging for shop owners to pinpoint where they are falling short of their goals, and where improvements need to be made.  There’s no doubt about it...
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Nothing is more important to your success as a shop owner than having the right people working with you. Finding the right people is just the beginning, as you’ll need to know how to keep them operating at peak performance, and happy to be a part of your team. The good news is...
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This powerful 2-day course has one objective: to help shop managers learn how to create a more profitable, successful business! The team at Elite built this course from the ground up...
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How to find service advisors and technicians

Find and Hire the Superstars

In this powerful Elite course you’ll learn the six key components of every great compensation program, what every superstar is looking for in an employer, how to turn every one of your employees into recruiters, and without question; you’ll learn how to find the industry superstars. You’ll also learn Bob’s best-kept secrets when it comes to interviewing like a seasoned pro, and how to do reference checks in ways you would never imagine...
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Automotive Management Training

Turn Your Employees Into Superstars

As soon as you download this course you’ll begin to learn the secrets of a compensation program that will bring out the best in your people, and save you a fortune at the same time. You’ll also learn how to put a system in place that will allow you to become a great manager, how easy it is to discover what motivates each of your employees, how to perform employee reviews like a pro, how to put yourself in a position where your employees no longer depend on you for help, and how to dramatically improve your auto shop management skills...
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auto repair management

Employees That Come in Late

We have all been there...The employee comes in late and tells you their alarm clock didn’t go off, there was an accident on the way to work, etc.  If you are one of many shop owners who is faced with employees that come in late, if your technicians aren’t performing complete vehicle inspections, or if there are any other concerns you have with the behavior of your employees, then this audio program will help you reduce employee turnover while improving productivity and your auto shop management skills...
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auto repair management

Interview Like a Pro

Interview Like a Pro is going to help you discover each interviewee's hidden strengths and weaknesses, and enable you to determine exactly WHO each applicant really is.  During an interview, most shop owners will ask where the applicant has worked in the past, along with some questions about their experience and skills in the workplace. Unfortunately, those questions won’t tell you a thing about the true nature of the person sitting on the other side of your desk....
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Finding Service Advisor and Technicians

Connecting with the Superstars

If you want to build a more successful shop or dealership, you need a team of superstars. Knowing who they are is one thing, but knowing how to “connect” with the stars is something that is uniquely different. There is no question that people go to work for people, not for companies, so if you want to hire the superstars, then you need to meet them first...
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Automotive Repair Management

Team Building Package

If you want to find and hire the industry’s best technicians and service advisors, and if you want to take your employee management skills right to the top at the same time, then this Team Building Package is perfect for you. This Money-Saving Package contains two powerful Elite downloadable products; Find and Hire the Superstars, and Turn your Employees into Superstars...
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A Shop Owner's Guide to Hiring the Superstar Service Advisors

A Shop Owner's Guide to Hiring the Superstar Service Advisors

If you want to build a successful auto repair business, you will need to have a number of things in place, yet nothing is more important than having service advisors who can sell in a professional and ethical way. In today’s competitive environment you’re seeing vehicles less frequently, customers have greater access to information, and they have choices unlike ever before. So here’s a guide to help you hire the superstar advisors who will take your shop to the top...
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The 5 Most Common Hiring Mistakes That Auto Repair Shop Owners Make

The 5 Most Common Hiring Mistakes That Auto Repair Shop Owners Make

The top shops in America realize that in order to build a successful business they will need to have team players that are self-starters, who can produce, and who will never compromise their ethics. Over the years I’ve not only been fortunate enough to hire many of our industry superstars, but I have seen hiring mistakes made every day by shop owners all across America. In order to help you with your business, I’d like to share what I believe to be the 5 most common hiring mistakes that shop owners make...
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The Shortage of Technicians is not a Problem

The Shortage of Technicians is Not a Problem

As we all know, since the inception of our industry shop owners have complained about the ever-increasing shortage of qualified technicians.  Yet what I find most interesting is that they seem to overlook one key factor: personal responsibility. To put it another way, the shortage of technicians is a symptom, not a problem. It’s the symptom of a shop owner who has not taken the responsibility of building their own system for staffing. So rather than looking for others to solve the problem for you, what you need to do is start an apprenticeship program and develop your own superstar techs...
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The Key to Rising Above Your Shop's Competition - Emphasizing Your Service Advisors & Technicians

The Key to Rising Above Your Shop's Competition

We all know that vehicles are being built better, they are lasting longer, and the competition for auto repair customers is heating up. Accordingly, shop owners are constantly looking for ways to add value to their services in order to separate themselves from their competitors. Some owners attempt to accomplish this objective by providing longer warranties, which is a nice feature to offer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long 
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8 Pay Program Tips That Generate Happy Technicians

In the coming years, no component of your business will be more critical to your success than the caliber of the people who work with you.  In order to hire and keep superstar employees at your shop, you need to have pay programs in place that ensure they stay motivated and happy to be a part of your team.  With that said, here are 8 pay program tips that will help you employ top flight technicians who will contribute to your success for years to come.
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No Rehire Policies

No-Rehire Policies

When an employee knows, upfront, that they will be ineligible for rehire if they leave your company, it will motivate them to come forward and talk to you about the concerns they have.  This in itself will give them pause when they think about leaving.You also need to consider that the price an employee pays for leaving is relatively low.  If things don’t work out, they just roll their tool box back into your shop. Not the case with you...
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Cell Phone Policies

When your employees come to work in the morning, you’re entitled to expect them to be “thinking” about their job as well as doing it. The “thinking” part includes considering a customer’s concerns, performing a proper diagnosis, and concentrating on what they’re doing with each service or repair. If they’re distracted by other people, or taking a call on their cell phone...
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Employees Coming in Late

When you start to see a pattern in behavioral issues; such as a tech, manager or service advisor coming in late, here are the things you need to consider:  1) If you don’t nip it in the bud it will get worse. 2) Employees need to be responsible for their own behavior. 3) They need to know why you have specific auto shop management policies in place. So the next time...
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5 Training Tips That Work

If you want to build a more profitable business, and become a master of auto shop management, here are five tips that work...1. If your employees show little or no interest in training, then you may very well have the wrong people working with you. The superstars have a number of things in common, one of which is that they are always looking to improve. This is why...
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Auto Shop Employee Raises

Guidelines for Employee Raises

Before you start giving out raises for tenure alone, consider this: outside of raises that are based on an increase in the cost of living, all raises should be commensurate to the productivity of the employee. If you decide to give pay raises as a way to reward loyalty, then be aware that you’re heading down a dangerous road....
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