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Auto Repair Marketing Solutions

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Learn from Elite's Auto Repair Shop Business Coaches

Elite Coaching Program

The industry acclaimed Elite Coaching Program offers one-on-one coaching from the top shop owners in America.  Regardless of the issues your shop is facing, your customized action plan and the shop-specific guidance from your personal business coach will help you skyrocket your sales, car counts, productivity and profits...
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Elite's auto repair 20 groups

Elite Pro Service

Elite Pro Service delivers a level of coaching, consulting and extensive support that is unmatched by any traditional aftermarket 20 groups. The successful shop owners of today realize that in this new competitive era they need professionals that they can turn to for input, they need access to Key Performance Indicators, they need industry information that is leading edge and they need personal accountability. While in the past shop owners have typically turned to 20 groups to acquire these building blocks, Elite Pro Service now offers support from the industry's top experts, along with 90 of the top shop owners in the country...
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Fly with the Eagles II

The Most Powerful Business Building Seminar Series on Earth!
Sep 23 - 26
This AMI-accredited auto repair management course has one objective: to help you create a more profitable, successful business. This course will help you turn existing employees into self-motivated superstars, fill your bays with the right kind of customers...
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It’s amazing how much marketing an auto repair business has changed over the last few years. Every day there are more advertising mediums available to shop owners, so if you are not careful in the coming years, you will find yourself spending a fortune in dollars, time, and resources, only to fall short of the results that you are looking for. Rather than jumping on the bandwagon with every new media that hits the market, you need to...
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marketing auto repair

Marketing to X and Y Gens

This powerful audio course will teach you the top ten things you’ll need to do to turn those sought-after Gen X & Y consumers into life-long customers. You’ll learn what their expectations are, how to communicate with them in their own language, and where you can best reach them.  As you can imagine, we need to market to each generation differently, so this program will teach you specifically how to bring in more Gen X and Y customers through your auto repair marketing campaigns...
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Advertising auto repair

12 Fundamentals of a Great Advertising Campaign

Here's your chance to learn about auto repair marketing goals, budgets, the plan that you’ll need to create, the importance of knowing your own brand, how to differentiate yourself from your competitors, and why you need to maintain consistency in all the consumer touch points...
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Auto Repair Advertising On TV and Radio

TV and Radio Advertising

This industry acclaimed program will teach you the top ten secrets to putting together great campaigns that bring in the right customers.  You'll also learn how to stay ahead of your competitors, what makes a great ad in the mind of your customers, and how to reach your customers emotionally as well as logically through your campaigns....
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Need help with advertising auto repair services

5 Steps to Finding the Right Advertising Resources

This powerful audio program will teach you how to find the right experts (at the right price), establish win-win relationships with freelancers, and produce an expert image at a fraction of the cost...
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Loomis Marketing Suite

Bring more X and Y Gen customers into your shop, put together TV and radio ads that increase your car counts and deliver an excellent ROI, implement critical strategies and best practices in all of your auto repair marketing campaigns, and find experts who can help you put together professional campaigns at a fraction of the price.  This money-saving suite contains five powerful Elite downloadable audio products...
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Auto Repair Website Design by Dice Media

Dice Media Automotive Website Design

In today’s competitive environment, you need more than just another website. You need a world-class site that will put your shop or dealership light-years ahead of your competitors. Dice Media offers a unique combination of industry leading design and state-of-the-art-programming, has built websites for several fortune 500 companies, and can provide the auto industry expertise that other web companies can't....
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Moving Targets

Each year the automotive industry faces new challenges, but many shops actually struggle to overcome familiar challenges. Your customers move away, buy a new car, lose confidence in your shop or notice "The Other Guy's" marketing. The good news is: Moving Targets can help. Their team of experts, armed with decades of market research and industry knowledge, will help you craft direct mail, email and social media marketing campaigns that will enable you to achieve your shop's goals, within budget, and result in success for your business, employees and family. Just click the "Learn More" button below to find out how you can use cross-media marketing campaigns that will increase your car count every month.
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RepairPal's Top Shop Program

RepairPal is building a Top Shop Network, a select group of the nation’s best auto repair shops. Only shops committed to the highest quality standards and exceptional customer service can qualify for the Top Shop program....
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new auto repair customers from Repair Pal


If you’re looking to acquire more customers, and inspire trust and credibility in your shop, then RepairPal is the perfect service for you.  RepairPal generates more than 1 million visitors each month, and each visitor is able to find the credible, easy-to-comprehend auto repair information they are looking for. This is why RepairPal is now the leading resource  for helping shops generate new customers...
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Mitchell1 eCRM

Mitchell1's eCRM

If you’re looking to inspire customer loyalty through consistent, personalized, and cost effective auto repair marketing, then Mitchell1’s eCRM is the perfect service for you. At Elite we believe that loyal customers are the cornerstone of any successful business, and that maintaining those core customers is vital to ensuring that your business continues to grow and profit.  Mitchell1’s eCRM enables you to do just that...
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Auto Repair Marketing in the Age of Social Media

The New Rule of Marketing - Auto Repair Marketing in the Age of Social Media

Over the past one hundred plus years marketing strategies, and the brands that were built, were developed by two entities: The client, and the ad agency. The client would tell the agency how they envisioned their brand, and the agency would develop the advertising campaigns that would create that very same image in the minds of the targeted consumers. After one hundred plus years, that systematic method of brand creation is now dead. Not just for major corporations, but for auto repair shops just like yours. Let me explain what has happened....
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Guerrilla Marketing for Your Auto Repair Business

The term “guerrilla marketing” is used to describe marketing methods that allow small businesses to compete with larger businesses, and they typically include grass roots marketing campaigns. Participating in Chamber of Commerce meetings and local events are a couple of examples. Although there are hundreds of methods, there’s one auto repair marketing goldmine that is overlooked by most auto repair shops and dealerships...
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Getting the Customer to Return

As business people, we often get too caught up in sales numbers, gross profit margins, car counts and average work order dollars. Those are the numbers of your business, but what is the heart of your business? What will drive your business for generations to come? The answer: Customer Retention, and that can only be accomplished with a sound marketing program and through creating the ideal customer experience...
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Before Investing More in Your Auto Repair Marketing

When car counts aren’t what they need to be, most shop owners and dealerships will pump more money into their auto repair marketing efforts. But before you invest one more dime in your marketing campaigns, you should first make sure that you’re doing a good job of converting your current leads into customers. At Elite, we’ve discovered that the number of phone leads lost by most shops and dealerships is staggering. They’re lost by...
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The One Word Your Customers Want to Hear

A while back I had the opportunity to interview over forty people for a panel of customers.  My intent was to discover what drives their decisions in choosing an auto service facility, how they make their purchasing decisions, and the follow up they would like to see. In many cases I spent well over an hour with each of these prospective panelists, so I had the opportunity of learning many amazing things.  Here is one of the most valuable insights I was able to take away from these interviews….
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web-based and grass roots marketing

Marketing Your Shop in Today's Competitive Environment

When it comes to web-based auto repair marketing, I am sure you will agree that as we move into the future, the motoring public will turn to the web with increased frequency as they search for information. In our industry consumers will not only use the web to find auto service facilities and body shops, but they’ll use it to validate the shops they have chosen, for price justification, and to share their experiences through social media....
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Rule #1 � �Know thy Customer�

There is no doubt about it: when people have to choose a service provider their level of anxiety goes up, and it gives them pause in making their decision. So how do you influence people who are looking for a service provider? Do what most of your competitors would never dream of doing: think like a customer. If you do, then I imagine you will reach the following conclusions…
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The Secret to Price Advertising

Believe it or not, price advertising is a good thing. Everyone likes to find a good value, and price advertising lets people in your community know that you are looking for ways to help them save money. The problem most shop owners come across is that they’re unsure of exactly how to incorporate price advertising in their auto repair marketing...
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Price sensitive auto repair customers

A Peek Inside the Mind of the Perfect Customer

Not long ago, I interviewed over forty people for a panel of customers that I moderated in Dallas, Texas.  My intent was to discover what drives their decisions in choosing an auto service facility and how they make their purchasing decisions.  Here are the most revealing conclusions...
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"One promise that we can make to the entire industry, is that we will never put money ahead of people."
- Elite Worldwide
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