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» Elite Masters Program - Service Advisor Training
Service Advisor Training from Elite
Elite Masters Program - Service Advisor Training


The Industry's Most Effective Service Advisor Training Program

The next Masters Course begins September 17-19 in San Diego.

At Elite, we are governed by the principle that we will never put money ahead of people, so we will not accept any students into this advanced service advisor training unless we are 100% confident that they are a good fit for the course, and that the Masters Program is the right choice for your auto repair business.  This is why we offer our complimentary Sales Performance Review, during which an Elite expert will spend up to 30 minutes on the phone with you to examine your key indicators, pinpoint any deficiencies in your sales process, learn more about the advisor(s) you feel may be a good fit for the course, and provide you with a recommended course of action to help you reach your sales goals.

Regardless of whether or not you and your advisor are a good fit for our Masters service advisor training, we’ll make sure that you walk away from our complimentary Sales Performance Review with a clear understanding of the next steps you should take to permanently increase your sales and CSI scores.

Call 800-204-3548 or Contact Us to schedule your complimentary Sales Performance Review today!


"I originally thought that a program like this would be too expensive and that I wouldn't be able to recapture my investment. Boy, was I wrong.  My advisor recovered my investment in the first month.  His Average Repair Order has increased by nearly $100, and his monthly sales have increased over $17.500 on average after sending him to the Elite Masters Program.  The program just keeps paying dividends every day, every week and every month. I highly recommend this program to anyone." - Andy Tobias, Tobias' Automotive Specialists - AAA Top Shop Award Winner 3 Years Running - Cave Creek, AZ. 

“I enrolled my advisor in the Elite Masters Program, and the results have been outstanding. We saw immediate improvement, and within the first six weeks his labor hours per RO have increased 35% and his ARO went from $226.00 to $324.00. This course really does pay for itself! Thank you Elite!” - Mike Nevins, Service Manager, Perry Ford - National City, CA 


To achieve peak performance from your service advisors to dramatically increase your sales, your ARO, your TARO, your level of customer satisfaction, and your percentage of repeat and referral customers. 

Why You Should Enroll Your Service Advisor

Auto repair customers today are far more educated, have access to a wealth of information online, and realize that they have many options when it comes to choosing an auto service provider.  The success and profitability of your business will be determined by a number of things, yet none are more important than your service advisor's ability to consistently generate sales from satisfied customers.  Every time your auto service advisor loses a phone lead, you've lost far more than just the price you paid to get the phone to ring. You’ve lost the time your advisor spent on the phone with the caller, you’ve lost a sale estimated at the value of your Average Repair Order, and to top it all off, that caller ultimately went to your competitor. Bottom line? Each lost call and each missed sales opportunity is costing you a fortune!  

There is no doubt about it: the single greatest key to your success is your service advisor, and when you consider how much you’re presently losing in lost leads and lost sales,  you'll see that this amazing service advisor training course is virtually cost-free

Seating for each course is limited to ensure that each advisor get's the one-on-one attention needed to permanently change their behavior, so before you let another day pass with your sales, ARO's, TARO's and customer retention lower than they should be, contact us today to schedule your Sales Performance Review .

More Info on The Elite Masters Service Advisor Training Course

The Elite Masters Program has been proven to deliver permanent results. 

“Elite’s Masters Program is the most effective, results-driven program for Service Advisors we have found. Our monthly sales have increased by an average of $24,465.15 in the five months since attending the course. I would recommend this program for any shop owner serious about getting results and increasing their sales.”- Glenn Colling, Eastside Auto Service – Oakville, Ontario Canada

This service advisor training program was built from the ground up by many of the brightest minds in the industry, and provides the right resources, the right trainers, the right systems & procedures, and the right amount of in-depth training and follow-up that is required to permanently improve the performance of your service advisors.

This powerful course starts with intense student preparation and clear performance expectations. The initial three-day workshop, held in San Diego, California, is designed to establish the fundamentals of ethics-based sales, and empower your service advisors with the sales procedures and best practices that are essential to increasing their sales numbers. The three-day curriculum is rich with role-plays, flash-testing, and digital recordings that include telephone training, selling maintenance, diagnostic services, single point repairs, multiple services and repairs, and a whole lot more.   

We’ll also help your service advisor master customer concerns, and learn to put the most difficult sales objections to rest.

On the final day of our service advisor training course, all students will be given customized action plans with specific post-course performance goals, deadlines, their personal Performance Journals and all the tools they will need to permanently improve their sales skills. As their employer, you will be provided with your own post-course action plan, detailed instructions, and a copy of the Key Performance Indicators that your service advisors will use to chart their progress. 

Following the course, the students will meet each month (via our password protected WebEx site) with an Elite sales expert that will assume the role of their personal “Sales Coach”. The Elite Sales Coach will use these WebEx meetings to discuss your service advisors'  weekly performances, and ensure that each advisor's sales goals are being met.  Each month, as the student’s employer, you have the option to participate in one of the WebEx meetings so you can experience this invaluable service, and monitor the performance of your service advisor.  

You will also receive a conference call each month during which you, your Elite sales coach and your service advisor can openly discuss his or her progress, areas that can be further improved upon, and recommended courses of action.  

Graduates of our service advisor training program will receive a diploma suitable for framing, industry recognition through Elite Worldwide, Inc., valuable AMI credits that can be used towards a specialized degree, and without question; they will be able to dramatically increase your auto repair sales, ARO's, TARO's, customer retention and your shop's profits. 

Take the first step in permanently increasing your auto repair sales... Call 800-204-3548 or Contact Us today to schedule your complimentary Sales Performance Review, during which an Elite sales expert will examine your key indicators, pinpoint any deficiencies in your sales process, and provide you with a recommended course of action to help you reach your sales goals.

                Still not convinced? Read a Letter From a Satisified Customer!


       Course Benefits:

  • Increase your ARO, TARO and auto repair sales.
  • Improve CSI Scores and customer retention.
  • See permanent behavioral changes from this service advisor training

Satisfaction Guaranteed
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100 Percent
“I cannot say enough about the Elite Master’s Program. Doris did a wonderful job with Alex. He came back from the initial 3 day course fired up and ready to sell. Then for the next 6 months there was constant follow-up and weekly reporting to hold his feet to the fire. Although he has graduated, Alex still wants those results measured on a weekly basis. He has increased his ARO almost $100 and his closing ratio has increased dramatically. The results speak for themselves and the program demonstrates its value every single day! Thank you Doris!”
- Bryan Kauffeld, Ulmer’s Auto Care, Cincinnati , OH
“After enrolling my advisor in the Master’s Program, his sales have increased an average of $744 per day and his CSI scores are the highest they have ever been.  The 6 month program entirely paid for itself within 3 weeks.  I am very pleased and would recommend the Elite Masters Program to any owner who is looking to increase sales in an affordable and ethical manner!”
- Keith Ivey, USA Automotive - Raleigh, NC
"Without reservation, the investment I made in the Masters Program was some of the best money that I have spent. This course not only met, but it exceeded my expectations. The format of the course, the content, and your coaching work. I am pleased to say we've seen a 24% increase in average RO, and a 27% increase in gross sales over last year in the same quarter. Thank you Doris."
- Jeff Rudolph, Anacortes Automotive - Anacortes, WA
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"One promise that we can make to the entire industry, is that we will never put money ahead of people."
- Elite Worldwide
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