1-on-1 Coaching From a Successful Shop Owner!

The Elite Coaching Program provides a customized action plan and 1-on-1 coaching from one of the nation's most successful shop owners!
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Service Advisor Training That Works!

The Elite Masters Program offers intensive sales training & ongoing coaching from an industry-leading sales trainer!
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Join 90 Top Shop Owners!

Elite Pro Service allows you to join a team and collaborate with 90 of the industry’s top shop owners!
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Rare Opportunities for Superstar Service Advisors and Retired Shop Owners!

Elite has extraordinary opportunities available for both superstar service advisors and retired shop owners with proven track records of success!
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Elite Coaching Program
One-on-One Coaching From the Nation's Top Shop Owners
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Service Advisor Training
Three Days of Training, Six Months of Follow-Up, Permanent Results
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Seminars, Webinars & Events
Upcoming Schedule

MAY 13-17
The Most Powerful Business Building Seminar Series on Earth!
Kansas City Airport Marriott - Kansas City, MO
This AMI-accredited auto repair management course has one objective: to help you create a more profitable, successful business. This course will help you turn existing employees into self-motivated superstars, fill your bays with the right kind of customers...
JUN 11-13
Service Advisor Sales Training
Holiday Inn Express San Diego Downtown - San Diego, CA - 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
The Elite Masters Program has been proven to dramatically increase sales, CSI scores and profits.  This course starts with three days of extensive ethics-based sales training in beautiful San Diego, CA, which is followed by six months of ongoing support from your advisor’s personal “sales coach” to ensure permanent results.  Graduates of this course receive valuable AMI credits that they can use towards a specialized degree...
SEP 17-19
Service Advisor Sales Training
DoubleTree Hotel (1646 Front St.) - San Diego, CA 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
The Elite Masters Program has been proven to dramatically increase sales, CSI scores and profits.  This course starts with three days of extensive ethics-based sales training in beautiful San Diego, CA, which is followed by six months of ongoing support from your advisor’s personal “sales coach” to ensure permanent results.  Graduates of this course receive valuable AMI credits that they can use towards a specialized degree...
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Recent Reviews

Brent & Brenda O'Neal
Running a business instead of a business running you
We had all the elements of a successful shop, great location, great facility, experienced staff, and great customers, but we couldn't seem to increase our sales even though we knew we had room to grow and we felt the business was running us instead of us running the business. Then one day I read an article in Ratchet and Wrench describing Elite and what they could do for a shop. I showed it to my husband and we made the phone call that set in motion the beginning of significant and positive changes for our shop and us.

Doris wisely matched us up with Kevin Vaught as our coach. We hit it off immediately and knew he was the right choice for us. With Kevin's expertise and coaching skills, we started setting up new systems and improving some systems we already had. Like any wise coach or consultant, Kevin steered us in the right direction and helped us see the changes that needed to be made. Necessary changes have been made in our staff that has resulted in increased productivity and efficiency. We have appreciated Kevin's honest and ethical approach in operating and managing a business.

We also attended the Fly with the Eagles Course in San Diego that further contributed to a more successful way of running our business. The financial side of the business was always my husband's strong side, but setting weekly goals and submitting a weekly performance report gave us measurable data to track our progress. We came away with a great deal of information, examples, and guidelines from which we continue to learn.

We are into our second year with Kevin as our coach and plan to continue this path and look forward to seeing even more positive results and enjoying the challenge of running a business instead of the stress of a business running us. We couldn't have done this without the help of Elite and Kevin Vaught.
Todd Colchin
This Trip Through Life - It's About The People
Whether working with Jim Murphy, Sherri Murphy, Bob Cooper or Doris Barnes the level of service, dedication and sincerity is like nothing I've seen anywhere - These people are truly amazing and unique. I've been a business owner for 30+ years, been through lots of training and I can say with confidence that I am aligned with the best of the best. My experiences with Elite have convinced me that no one should operate a business without some sort of coaching - you need the Elite team of advisors to help navigate the complex business environment of today.

It is an honor to be a part of Elite Pro Service which has given me alliances with so many incredibly intelligent and savvy shop owners.

Sincere thanks to the entire staff at Elite and all colleagues in Pro Service!

Todd Colchin
Colchin Automotive, Inc.
Arvada Colorado
Scott Repman
You cant stop learning.
The Elite team furthered my knowledge of the automotive industry after 25 years of being in the business. Joe M is amazing and the most outstanding course leader I have ever meet. Thanks for all the knowledge. This is the real deal when it comes to bringing your shop to the front of your competition.

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What's new with Elite
"Our sales are up 40%, and our overall GP is up a full 9%!" I have been involved in other management trainings before, but Elite's has blown the rest away, hands down, and has surpassed my expectations. I recommend Elite to everyone!"
- Troy Minske, Rum River Automotive - Princeton, MN


                   Auto Repair Shop Management, and Automotive Service Management Training

At Elite, it is our goal to deliver the industry’s most affordable, effective and ethical auto repair shop management and automotive service management tools to help you build a more profitable, successful business.  Whether you are looking for automotive management training that  help with sales, or automotive repair and service marketing,automotive repair shop management or increasing profits, we have the solutions that will teach you how to manage your auto repair shop more profitably.                                                  


The advancement of technology has enabled us to help automotive repair shop owners and dealerships more quickly with effective automotive management training.  Through our downloads, we are now able to deliver our proven automotive service management solutions anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes, and because we no longer have to pay for CD replication, packaging, shipping and handling; we are able to provide you with these solutions for less than half of the traditional price.  If you are unfamiliar with the download process, then you can relax. We provide easy-to-follow instructions that ensure you receive our automotive service management training safely, and within a matter of minutes

If you are looking for more interactive automotive management training to help you manage your auto repair shop, in-depth training or coaching for your auto repair shop or dealership; we can help with that also. Whether you are interested in 1-on-1 automotive repair shop management coaching, service advisor training, or a 20 group-like atmosphere where you can learn from Elite experts and the nation's top shop owners; we have every confidence that we will be able to lead your business to success.  Regardless of the service you choose, you can be certain that Elite will deliver the industry’s most affordable, effective and ethical guidance.

In the past, Elite has been confined to helping auto repair shop owners and dealerships through coaching, training and our industry acclaimed auto repair shop management, sales and marketing audio products.  We are pleased to tell you that this is no longer the case, as we have rigorously searched for result-driven, ethics-based service providers that can help our customers in many other automotive service management areas.  Each of the third-party service providers we consider for the Elite website are carefully interviewed, and have to present us with impeccable references to earn Elite’s endorsement.  We are proud to say that the affiliates you find on our website are the few who have passed Elite’s strict testing process, and are companies that truly are leaders in their areas of expertise.  Whether you are looking for a new website, unique and effective marketing services to bring new customers into your shop, or automotive repair shop management software; the Elite affiliates will provide the auto repair shop management training to help you grow your business.


Thank you for visiting the Elite website, we truly hope you will find the solutions you need to build a more profitable, successful business through effective auto repair shop management, auto repair & service marketing and strategies guaranteed to increase sales.  If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.us.

"One promise that we can make to the entire industry, is that we will never put money ahead of people."
- Elite Worldwide
Coaching, Consulting and Training for Your Auto Repair Business.
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